The Curse of Lucky Joe German

The Curse of Lucky Joe German

Try not to be affected byThe Curse of Lucky Joe German

Lucky Joe German Young Adult Western Fiction

It’s the winter of 1850 and Joaquin Saint Germain, 17 years old, decides to set out from Blue Earth in the Minnesota Territory to the California Gold Rush. The occasion is the death of his father, the last member of his family.

Joaquin changes his name to Joe German as it seems a more manly handle. Death follows Joe German like a shadow. Whichever method of travel to the gold fields he tries, people around him die. Though Joe does nothing, or little, to cause these deaths, he feels a measure of guilt until he realizes that each one eases his path forward.

But Joe doesn’t know that his path is taking him to Hangtown, where anyone who kills someone, or is thought to have anything to do with a death, is summarily strung up from the sturdy oak tree in the middle of Main Street.

The Curse of Lucky Joe German is a mystical western novella, a fictional work with historical base.

Hangtown, a more extensive novel telling of that time and place is forthcoming. Hangtown is the former name of the present day Placerville in aptly-named El Dorado County, where SK Figler lived for many years.


Relationships, mistakes, living with them, learning from them, changing or not, consequences, striking out on your own (in both senses), testing limits, adults and youth.

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